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  • [CF] Domain & Space
  • - Top Level Domain. (.IT, .COM) => 5
    - 3.rd Level Domain (mapping IIS/Apache) => 100
    - Disk Space => 5GB
    - FTP Accounts => 10
  • [CF] Server Type
- Linux CentOS 5 => NO
- Microsoft Windows 2003 Server => Yes
- Web Server => IIS6
- Cold Fusion 9 => Yes
- Dot NET 2/3.5 Support => Yes
- Asp Support => Yes
- Php 5 Support => Yes
- Weekly Backup => Yes
  • [CF] Bandwidth
  • - Bandwidth Data Transfer => FLAT
  • [CF] Database
  • - DB => 10
    - DB Access => Yes
    - MYSQL 5.x => Yes
    - DB MSSQL 2005 Expr. Edtn. => Yes
    - DSN Connections/DB name => 10
  • [CF] Mailbox
  • - Account POP3 - SMTP => 100
    - Account Size => 500MB
    - WebMail => Yes
    - Antivirus + AntiSpamming => Yes
    - Vacation and filters => Yes
    - SMTP Auth => Yes
    - Mailbox Admin panel (Mailadmin) => Yes
  • [CF] Stats
  • - SmarterStats => Yes
  • [CF] Cold Fusion Support
  • - CF Release => 9.0.x
    - PDF Support => Yes
    - Flash Paper Support => Yes
    - AJAX Integration => Yes
    - FLEX Integration => Yes
    - Adobe LiveCycle® DataServicesES => Yes
    - Flash Remoting => Yes
    - Cold Fusion Mappings => Yes
    - Cold Fusion Components (CFC) => Yes
    - Custom Tags ‹cfmodule› => Yes
    - CFX/DLL Tags => Yes
    - WebServices/XML => Yes
    - ODBC/JDBC => Yes
    - Cold Fusion Mappings => 10
    -Tag Restriction:
    ‹cfexecute› => NO
    ‹cfregistry› => NO
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Hosting VPS Coldfusion Server, your semi-dedicated hosting with large performances...

ColdFusion 9: New

Interoperability 'with Office files
Easily generate 'Office documents for reports, presentations and decision-making processes. Read, create and update spreadsheets using the new tag CFSPREADSHEET. Programmed to generate PDF files from Microsoft PowerPoint and Word documents. Produce and dynamically on the server as HTML or SWF presentations from PowerPoint presentations.
Seamless integration with ColdFusion Builder
Take advantage of the potential 'Adobe ColdFusion Builder, an Eclipse â„¢ based IDE, highly customizable, allowing developers to design applications in ColdFusion speed' unrivaled.
Object-relational mapping
Designed database independent applications using ORM (Object Relational Mapping), a technique based on open source library Hibernate. Save time and manage the logic and connectivity 'of the database without filling out an SQL query. The wizard for creating applications included in ColdFusion ORM Builder 'can create ColdFusion components (CFCs) to feature' of logic and connective tissue 'without writing a single line of code.
Integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint
The new CFSHAREPOINT tag allows you to display data from Web services to Microsoft Office SharePoint application to ColdFusion. E 'can also use the ability' unique authentication (Single Sign-On) to display the SharePoint Web Part such as ColdFusion application within a SharePoint site without requiring users to reenter their credentials.
Integration with Adobe Flash Platform
Extending Flash Remoting, now it 's fast, helps improve application performance. Use ColdFusion as a service to speed the development of RIA, quick access to many services through AMF existing business without building a single line of CFML.
ColdFusion as a service
Take advantage of the potential 'business services through ColdFusion AMF or SOAP without writing a single line of CFML. Among the services are included CFCHART, CFDOCUMENT, CFIMAGE, CFMAIL, and CFPDF CFPOP. In addition, and 'you make it more' secure application sandbox by protecting these services to block access to unknown applications.
Synchronizing local and remote database Adobe AIR
Deliver applications to users with functionality 'online and offline that can handle data in a reliable manner. Using the SQLite library at the client and the server-level ORM, ColdFusion 9 handles conflict resolution and synchronization of data between client and server when the application switches back to 'online.
New Ajax controls
Designed applications more 'appealing and intuitive with a more' comprehensive set of Ajax controls that, by CFML tags and attributes, exploit the new library Ext JS 3.0. The new controls include function 'mapping, media player, upload more' file, type navigation "accordion" (accordion), status indicators, confirmations, notices, buttons and sliders.

read all cf specs (Adobe site)